Storage FAQs

What size units do you have?
5' X 10'
10' X 10'
10' X 15'
10' X 20' (Most popular size)
10' X 30'

What size unit do I need?
Please see our "Sizing Guide" page.

What benefit does a climate-controlled unit offer?
A common misconception is that a storage unit is like a garage. However, a typical garage is opened frequently, allowing moisture to enter and cause dampness to cardboard. A storage unit is intended to be closed most of the time, greatly reducing moisture allowed into the space.

There are times when a climate-controlled unit may be beneficial. Tenants who will access their unit frequently in damp weather may consider a climage-controlled unit. Also, tenants who are apprehensive about storing their valuables may feel more comfortable renting a climage-controlled unit.

NOTE: The climate-controlled units are kept at a temperature of approximately 52° - 60°, not room temperature of your home.

Do you offer outdoor parking for autos / RVs?
No, but we offer covered storage for RVs and boats at our "sister" facilities.

Can I reserve a unit in advance?
We accept reservations on a case-to-case basis, depending on availability.

Can someone else rent a unit for me?
The unit will be rented in the name of ther person who fills out / signs the paperwork.

What kind of identification do I need to rent a unit?
You will need to provide a valid, government issued form of photo identification. (Driver's license, passport, etc.)

Can I rent a unit month-to-month?
Our rental contracts are month-to-month agreements -- No long term lease is required. However, we offer a discount if you pay in advance for long-term rental.

What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and most credit / debit cards. We also accept payment by phone, and will gladly process a monthly "auto-payment" for you on the day of the month that you designate. (Within our due-date time-frame).

How safe is self-storage?
We share your concern for security, and do our best to provide a safe environment. Our security measures include a live-in manager, and a facility that is fenced, gated, and well lit at night. For added protection we provide each tenant with a high quality lock. Unfortunately, no self-storage facility can guarantee the safety of stored belongings, anymore than a person can guarantee that their own home is intruder free. This is why we highly recommend that tenants insure their stored property, and refrain from storing possessions that are irreplaceable or have sentimental value.

What do I need to know about self-storage insurance?
When you rent a storage unit, you are responsible for your stored belongings, and insuring those belongings. When you rent with us, you will be offered an insurance pamphlet for a 3rd party carrier, with which we have no affiliation. We highly recommend that each of our tenants check with their homeowner's insurance (or renter's) policy to see if their stored belonging are covered. Uninsured tenants are strongly advised to obtain self-storage coverage.

What is the difference between office hours and gate hours?
During office hours, the manager is on-duty, and you can receive in-person customer service. (Ask questions, make payments, etc.) Gate hours are the hours you can access your unit.

Do you have a dolly that I can use?
Yes. All you need to do is sign it out, and return it within 24 hrs.

Do you sell moving supplies?
We do not sell moving supplies.

Can anyone I choose have access to my unit?
Yes. When you rent with us, we provide you with a new, high quality padlock, that comes with 2 keys. Who you share your keys with is up to you.

Do you have a key to my unit?
We do not have access to your unit. You are provided with a new padlock that comes with 2 unique keys.

If I lose my padlock keys, what should I do?
We do not have access to your unit. If you lose both of your keys, you can either call a locksmith or, during regular business hours, request that the manager call our maintenance service. Unfortunately the second option may take a few days.

Do I need to give you notice when I move out?
We request 30 days notice prior to moving out. Advance notice is helpful to ensure you do not incur unnecessary charges. On the day of your move out, just remove your lock and let us know that you have vacated your unit.